Put Down Your Cell Phone – Pick Up Your Imagination

It’s come to my attention that few are using their imaginations to build their marketing initiatives. Many Modern Marketers are instead spending their time tweeting, posting, sharing, crowd sourcing, hashtagging, re-purposing content, and swarming.

What these marketers are not spending enough time doing is: using their imagination, copywriting, holding quality brainstorming sessions (meetings), getting outside, going to events, stealing other successful ideas, going to conferences, getting topical education on the product they’re marketing, learning about topics that matter to their audience, and being silent.

We all get lost in the minutia. You have invoices to pay, venues to book, tweets to schedule, and campaigns to launch — but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about telling a story. It’s about being successful and conveying, as Simon Sinek writes, “your company’s why.”

So how do you break loose from the hamster wheel? Be silent and get away from your desk. Find a good place to focus, pick an idea and run with it. The very best idea I ever formed developed this way. I also brought along a sketchbook and pen. You don’t have to be an artist to use these tools. They can be extremely  helpful in mapping a webpage, logo, campaign, or slogan.

You may also consider using the Pomodoro Technique. This is when you hyper-focus on a project for a set number of minutes then break for 10-15 minutes. I typically go for 90 minute intervals. This compartmentalized time asks that you avoid distraction and gives your mind the freedom to work solely on the project at hand — thus allowing imagination and free thought to form.

Another technique is Batch Processing. Just like you would prep food for an evening restaurant service you can get a large chunk of one task out of the way and then move along to the next. You can batch process tweets, email scheduling, designs, phone calls, almost anything. By batch processing you leave time to explore new ideas without feeling the stress of many tasks.

Eventually all great marketers find their way to disconnect, reflect, and refocus. Whether you batch process or write it out, take time to recharge your imagination and be open to what’s new.

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