My Favorite Leadership and Marketing Tools

As leaders we’re constantly bombarded by advertisements requesting our time to try a new tool. Most of these tools offer little value, are overcrowded with partner advertisements, or have a poor user interface. In this post I’ll share a few of the tools I use to manage some of my marketing tasks and overcome time management quandaries.

Buffer, HootSuite, and Social Scheduling 

I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, schedule your social media posts. I’m still floored when people think I’m posting to Facebook at 7:53 AM on a Sunday. Seriously? Ain’t nobody got time for that. By “that” I mean posting for your business in real time. Check out Buffer, HootSuite, or any social scheduling app and get rolling. You could become a social media maven while only spending two hours per WEEK scheduling posts. 

Also consider reposting older posts. If you write your content to be evergreen you can recycle your posts over and over again. You can also schedule posts from other likeminded thought leaders. 

Feedly, and RSS

Feedly is a site which allows you to pull RSS feeds from many sites by imputing the RSS URL, or by searching a keyword. If you’re looking for content to reshare Feedly allows you to make a real time library of content on the web. has the same functionality as Feedly but also allows you to create your own branded online newspaper to share on social media. For example: If you own a hair salon you can curate articles about techniques (cut, color, etc…) and share that newspaper online with your clients or social followers. Your paper will automatically update with new content from the web based on the search terms you setup. 

Audiobooks & Podcasts

I cannot put a value on the knowledge I’ve gained by listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I travel frequently for my job; by listening to podcasts and audiobooks I’ve essentially turned my car into a rolling university. I recommend Stitcher, iTunes, and Audible as tools for adding this content to your daily commute. And here’s the kicker — most podcasts are free! I’ll share some of my favorite podcasters and authors in a future post so be sure to “stay tuned” to my blog. 


Your time is valuable. Do you know how much time you’re spending in meetings, on projects, or on the golf course? Wouldn’t you like to see how your time is used and break down where you’re most productive? Toggl can help. People think it’s a little nutty that I document every work task. I think it’s nutty not to understand how many hours are spent on non-essential tasks. I clock in and out of everything I do during work hours. This allows me to stay on task, and find out why I’m ahead in one area and behind in another. For example: I know that website visits drop during weeks I’m at trade events. Why? Because I neglected to schedule web content. Remedy? Schedule content before I go out of town. 


I admit, I just found out about Slack. This neat app allows you to create chat groups and work on projects with anyone. It’s great for extracurricular projects (non-profit boards, bands, etc…) and works via app and desktop. You just have to be sure you’re not adding a duplicate tool for communication. People are habitual so it may take some training to get your teams or groups on board to the idea of using Slack more regularly. 


No explanation nessesary. ☕️

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