Six Ways to Become A Happier Leader

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New entrants to the workforce may consider their new office leader(s) to be scary, or intimidating. These types of leaders, while sometimes successful, often lack a key facet of leadership — personal happiness.

If you’re on the edge of losing your temper after one more interruption or request, utilize the following steps to become a happier and more content leader.

1. Be Grateful Everyday 
It’s easy tell yourself to “be grateful”. It’s more difficult to remember what you’re grateful for on a daily basis. Stick a post-it reminder to be grateful every day. Each morning, or maybe at lunch, think of five things you’re grateful for. Try not to repeat the same things you mentioned the day before. See how many days you can remember to be grateful.

2. Say Thank You
Part of gratitude is outwardly showing how thankful you are to those around you. Additionally, when you thank those you lead they become more cheerful. You begin to boost the mood and culture of your organization thereby making you and your staff happier.

3. Gather Up the Pieces 
No one can operate in a state of chaos. Begin your day by organizing your desk, then list your to do’s. You may even find the previous post on the prioritization helpful.

4. Take a Walk 
Your body produces happy hormones when you workout. It doesn’t have to be 3 hours of hardcore body building. Go for a walk, swim, jog, kayak or hike. Bonus Tip: Vitamin D is a plus! Grab some rays while you’re out and soak up the extra sunny nutrients your body needs to be happier.

5. Snooze Before You Lose 
It’s okay to take naps. Just like your body needs activity it also needs rest. Cranky leaders are often fatigued. Pay attention to your natural signals for rest. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to lead your team because you’re too tired to listen. 

6. Grab a Drink
Loneliness can plague a leader lifestyle. Frequent traveling, long work hours and extra projects can shut you out from the ones in your life that matter most. It is vital that you embrace some social experiences to build personal memories, and enhance your interpersonal skills at the office. Take your vacation, get a group together for a game, dinner or party. Spend time with your family, or grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Make time for others and you’ll become a happier you!

What helps you feel like a happier leader? Post your reply below! 

How to Easily Prioritize Your Day

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I’ve downloaded countless apps for building my to do list. Frankly, the more bells and whistles the worse they become. Now I stick to a written four quadrant to do list.

Yep, a written list. I’m sorry to disappoint, but that is what works for me. I use the four quadrant approach to prioritization. It’s simple, it’s direct, and it’s worth it.

The four quadrant formula is one we all know and love, but simplified.

The four quadrants are:

  • Urgent and Important
  • Urgent and Unimportant
  • Not Urgent and Important
  • Not Urgent and Not Important

That’s a mouthful isn’t it? There’s an easier way to categorize these four quadrants of prioritization and that is by using the following acronym’s UI, UU, NUI, NUNI. If you don’t have a computer handy, simply use pen and paper to draw your quadrants.

We then put these four quadrants together we form a large square of prioritization. I’ve built it into fillable PDF. Please feel free to download this PDF for future use as a printable prioritization chart. You may also prefer filling out the PDF and saving it to your desktop. No need to waste paper.

Tell me – how do you prioritize your time? What tools do you use?

The Launch

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Welcome to my website. This is my first post, and hopefully one of many to come.

My name is Christal and I created this site as a place for leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs to go for tools to advance to the next level. I also wanted a home to share my best tips, life hacks, and inspirational messages.


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